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Agreement with Vandenberg Air Force Base


1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this document is to identify the roles and responsibilities or the 30th Space Wing(30 SW) and Cabrillo High School (CHS) concerning the administration of the CHS Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) at Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB), California.

2. AUTHORITY: Department or Defense Instruction 4000.19 and Air Force Instruction 25-201, as supplemented.


3.1 SCOPE: This document provides guidance and documents agreement on aspects for general support of CHS. Actions and agreements herein apply only to the participating parties and are not intended to supersede existing regulations or agreements.


3.2.1 The 30 SW in the normal course of its Air Force, Department of Defense (DoD), or other federal agency missions, conducts activities on VAFB witch require the monitoring of various environmental systems and subsystems.

3.2.2. CHS has earned a nationally recognized and positive reputation for environmental education in marine ecology.

3.2.3. Mutual benefit will result from an agreement under which CHS EMP will carry out a mission of beach and assigned by 30 SW and administered under local laws, National Security and 30 SW policies


4.1 The 30th Space Wing (30 SW) will:

4.1.1 Provide a single Point of Contact (POC) between 30 SW and CHS EMP for all activities at VAFB, including corresponding and verbile communication. This POC is the Director the Director of Environmental Management (30 SW/CEV) or a designed representative.

4.1.2 Under research development and testing, space research and technology, and support missions or other general missions or other general mission categories, designate individual VAFB sites and individual environmental monitoring projects may be determined by mutual agreement and 30 SW may delete projects at any time by informing CHS EMP in writing.

4.2 Cabrillo High School (CHS) Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) will:

4.2.1 Designate in writing to 30 CES/CEV, a staff member as the VAFB Program manager. The VAFB Project Manager will be the CHS EMP single POC in regard to the matters identified in this document. The VAFB Project Manager shall monitor all CHS EMP correspondence to 30 SW CHS EMP will consider any 30 SW suggestions or comments concerning the Project Manager.

4.2.2 Ensure that the VAFB Project Manager arranges and attends meetings between 30 SW and CHS EMP. In addition, the VAFB Project Manager will perform the following tasks: Coordinate VAFB permitting activities with CHS EMP. On a yearly basis, or to be mutually determined, provide 30 CES/CEV status reports on the project(s) on VAFB. Upon reasonable request, provide 30 CES/CEV with written reports and updates that may relate to VAFB projects. Provide to 30 CES/CEV upon request, written responses to questions posed by the 30 CES/CEV staff. Provide 30 CES/CEV upon request, with narratives of the projects on VAFB, itemized data related to the project(s), and the names of the persons involved in the project(s). On a yearly basis, or as mutually acceptable, develop a plan of project activities on VAFB and coordinate with 30 CES/CEV in developing the final plan.

4.2.3 Maintain and administer designated and future mutually agreed upon project(s) of environmental monitoring under the missions of research development and testing, space research and technology, support, and others to be determined.

4.2.4 On a quarterly basis or as mutually acceptable, provide 30 CES/CEV written notification of CHS EMP personnel requiring access to VAFB. This notification will include the areas to be visited, inclusive dates for which access is requested and the type or description of the project to be conducted. Access to some areas may be restricted at certain times for purposes of resource protection or launch safety.

4.2.5 Agree that access to VAFB property by persons associated with CHS EMP shall be at the discretion of 30 SW and that direct responsibility for the conduct of such persons will be the responsibility of CHS EMP.

4.2.6 Ensure that no photographs are taken of the following: Flight hardware in transit to one of the Space Launch Complexes (SACS). Exterior and interior views of SLC-3 SLC-4. Missiles in flight. Any area, building or facility posted with a "Photography Prohibited" sign or equivalent marking. CHS EMP access to VAFB is limited to areas designated as CHS EMP project areas unless additional authorizations have been granted by 30 SW.

4.3 Both SW and CHS will:

4.3.1 Within a time limit to be established by 30 CES/CEV, agree to environmental monitoring project(s) including: Areas to be monitored. Ecological systems and/or subsystems to be monitored. The method of monitoring. Statistical and/or other objective data that will be collected, formatted and forwarded to 30 CES/CEV.

4.3.2 Meet as necessary to discuss project management performance.

5. AGREEMENT ADMINISTRATION: 5.1 This agreement is effective upon the signature of the 30th Space Wing's representative. It will remain in effect indefinitely unless terminated. This document can be terminated either immediately by mutual consent of both parties or by either party giving the other a minimum of 30 calendar days notice. All notifications must be in writing.

5.2 Parties to this agreement will review this document every three years by the anniversary date of the 30 Space Wing representative's signature. Changes must be approved by both partes prior to implementation. In the event that anything in this agreement is or becomes in conflict with the policies or directives of a higher authority, the cognizant party shall immediately notify the other party of the out of cycle change and the agreement administrator will coordinate revisions to this document.

5.3 During general mobilization declared national emergency or other situations as deemed appropriate by the Commander, 30th Space Wing, this document is subject to immediate renegotiation.

5.4 The Director of Environmental Management (30 CES/CEV) at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, is responsible for the administrative management of this document. He will initiate and coordinate reviews, process revisions, obtain signatures and distribute this document.

Written permission has been granted to reproduce this agreement in its entirety for the Cabrillo High School Aquarium Website. Any further reproduction for anything other than educational and non-profit purposes is prohibited.