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Schooling Fish of the Pacific

This cylindrical tank helps visitors learn about the schooling behavior of fish. Schooling behavior is exhibited by nearly 80 percent of known fish species during some phase of their life cycle.

Why school? - One reason may be for protection. A potential predator hunting for a meal might become confused by the closely spaced school, which can give the impression of one large, scary fish. Additionally, there is the concept of "safety in numbers" — a predator cannot consume an unlimited quantity of prey. The sheer number of fish in a school confuses predators by the constant alteration of shapes and colors presented as the school swims along.

The numerous schooling fish constantly swimming in this tank are certainly mesmerizing for visitors to watch. Swimming in formation in our Schooling tank you will find Grunion, Sardines, Mackerel, Senoritas, and Topsmelt.

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