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Warm Water Reef

Warm Water Reef Display

The Warm Water Reef Tank shown here has been the centerpiece of the Aquarium since the beginning. Its brilliance in color and animal diversity have amazed all who have encountered our reef tank. This salt water environment gives its audience a preview of how beautiful coral habitats can be.

Swimming among the coral exhibit in our reef tank, you will find clownfish, yellow tang, cardinal, coral beauty, angel fish, rainbow wrasse, firefish, various species of gobies,as well as anemones, a sea star, and eels.

Reef Facts:
Warm Water Reefs are found in the sub-tropical and tropical regions of the world and boast a temperature range between 20 and 29 degrees Centigrade. Coral Reefs are renowned for their brilliant and vivid ambience and are home to approximately 1 million species of animals in particular 4000 species of fish (1/4 of all known fish species.) Unfortunately, as a result of pollution and sedimentation from land-based sources, overfishing, and other factors, warm water reef ecologies have experienced a decline in the past decades but are gradually regenerating as a result of diligent conservation efforts.

Tank with Filtration