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New Female Seahorses

Two adult female sea horses were donated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. These Hippocampus erectus are commonly known as Lined Seahorses. Commonly found in sub-tropical to full tropical zones of the world in the Southern Atlantic and near Hawaii.

The wild seahorse is so rare, that it is practically never seen by anyone and has become an endangered species. Seahorses need constant care and perfect water quality parameters. They require continual feedings throughout the day and weekends even when our school is out of session. Drew Langston and Mrs. Mason designed, developed and built an automatic feeder that will feed the seahorses on the weekends. This will ensure they will be properly fed when aquarists are not around.

Seahorses in the wild live for about 1-3 years and in captivity about 2-5 years. This means, with our help, these unique animals may live a longer life all while promoting seahorse awareness to public. Many people will go through a whole lifetime and never see a Seahorse so we are honored to be able to display such unique organisms!

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