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New Kelp Forest Mural!

The Aquarium is proud to announce the completion of our brand new mural that has been painted by muralist, Colleen Gnos. The new mural is being placed where our NOAA Weather Station Kiosk. Many might remember how there used to be wallpaper of a giant swell crashing towards you on this same wall. This new mural is of a kelp forest and the various creatures that inhabit that kind of ecosystem.

NOAA has graciously donated money for us to hire our muralist, Colleen Gnos, to complete this huge project. It has been truly amazing to see her at work.

This is much more than just a mural. The mural will be used as an educational tool during our weekly tours. Tourism students will use the interactive kiosk as well as the mural to explain the kelp forest ecosystems found off of our coasts and those animals that inhabit the kelp forests.

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